We have recognized that the Bible and its principles are facing more and more challenges in Namibia (a secular state, but whose population is 80-90% Christian according to statistics). An example of this is a government decision to remove all Bible study/teaching from schools. The general moral degradation (especially of our youth) witnessed in the newspapers almost daily, has prompted us to start playing an active role in the Bible becoming more visible in people’s lives.
Story Club (for children younger than 12): Teaching people who work closely with children (teachers, parents etc.) to follow storytelling principles (similar to those used in the production of Oral Bibles) which allow them to internalize Bible stories and so be able to retell it to children in any language and in a way that engages the children more than a simple reading of the story, and also makes the story “come alive” for the children. The need for this project was born from the unavailability of Bible story material for young children in the vernaculars of our country.
Script (for youth 13-25 years old): Aimed at high school and performing arts students, this component seeks to engage people with the Bible in a creative way. Through a competition (for both film and theatre production), youth are encouraged to use the Bible as a basis for the script of a short film or theatre play, in a genre of their choosing, but within the parameters of the competition criteria. A panel of professional mentors will be available for guidance and the eventual judging of the competition.
Voice in the Desert: A long weekend experience in the desert which aims to give people a framework for reading the Bible for better understanding and consequently, more effective and transformational life application. It combines aspects of psychology, counseling, life coaching, hermeneutics, experiential learning, participatory teaching and of course the Biblical and spiritual growth aspects.

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