Bible Society of Namibia is a non-governmental, non-profit organization. For this reason we depend on donor funding to achieve our goals, and ultimately our mission. This funding originates from within as well as outside of our national borders.

As a guideline to achieving our goals we have developed strategic directions which quantify our work. Our strategic direction for Fundraising / Resource Mobilization is:

“To become financially self-sustainable by 2014 by substantially growing local income and decreasing dependency on foreign funding.”

Ways in which you can contribute, as an individual or as an organization / company:

You can participate in our fundraising events
If you cannot take part yourself, you can sponsor someone else, or even a team of people, to take part
By giving gifts or prizes; sponsoring items for goody bags, spot prizes or medals
Promote your company/product/service; buy advertising space in any of our flyers and get exposure in an audience ranging from 500 to 35,000 people
For further promotion and to boost your sales, buy exhibition space at our Walk for Bibles and Winter Cycle Classic events

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